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What are Tenant Loans?

Tenant loans are unsecured lending solutions customised for the people who live on rent and are ineligible to apply for the secured funding options. It doesn't matter how much amount do you need to borrow, but you can easily apply for these funds without pledging your house or other property. Now, you can easily overcome a financial crisis and lead a stable financial life.

Various direct lenders in the UK are offering these innovative financial options keeping the fact in their minds that more and more population in the country is inclining towards rented accommodations instead of owning new houses.

Need a Guarantor for Tenants?

It's true; guarantors hesitate to co-sign funding applications of people who live on rent or non homeowner. Actually, there is a lack of trust, and sometimes they are reluctant, as they don't know you properly. The fact is that in the case of default, they would be liable to pay the complete debt.

However, you don't have to worry at all! Our affordable loans without guarantor for tenants from direct lender are open to all people in the UK provided the applicant is 18-75 years old. If you have the full support of a genuine guarantor and want to take benefit of co-signing on tenant guarantor loans, then we are happy to offer funds at a discounted APR. Our guarantor funds are quite cheaper.

Debt Consolidation Loans for Non Homeowners

The life of non homeowners in the UK is not easy. Every new day brings a new financial challenge in your life and you desperately struggle to meet the sudden expenses. Moreover, rent, credit card bills and other necessary repayments trouble you from all sides. Reluctantly, you miss some of the due dates and end of having bad credit issues. We want you to be free from the clutter of multiple debts and hence offer debt consolidation loans for tenant people.

Now, you can clear various debts in just a day or even can give 6 months advance rent to your property owner by availing debt consolidation money with fast approval.

Tenant Loan with Instant Decision

We understand that whether you stay on rent or have your own home, a financial crisis is equally troubling to both of you. Therefore, we treat all funding requests equally, give prompt approvals and disburse tenant loans with instant decision.

We are able to fast approve your applications, as we don't believe in doing any kind of formalities. You don't have to waste time in submitting documents. There is no credit check and hence even the bad credit customers can easily access the instant money without facing any troubles.

Affordable Funds for Tenant People

Some people live on rent not by choice but because buying own homes is very expensive. We don't want them to trouble more and hence offer tenant loans in the UK at the lowest APR. Unlike, other direct lending companies, our lending solutions are transparent and don't carry extra charges. We don't burden our customers by asking upfront or processing charges.

Our primary lending motto is to make you financially stable, therefore, we offer only highly customised repayment modes. Whether you want to repay tenant loan in 6 months or 5 years, you are highly welcome. Our customers usually borrow from £500 to £30000. However, we are open to the higher amount too.