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Unemployed Loans for People on Benefits

Unemployed loans for people on benefits are unsecured funds that are especially designed for the prospective borrowers who are tenants and have lost their jobs. The benefits that they receive from the UK government are not good enough to meet various unexpected expenses.

We are a reliable direct lending company, are dedicated to solving your financial problems, despite the fact you don't have a solid repayment plan and are at higher risk of default. Unlike conventional banks and problematic lenders, we follow only soft lending policies and never ask you to submit a proof of an alternative source of income.

Emergency Cash Loans for Unemployed

The life of a tenant and unemployed is very tough. Every month he has to give the rent on a fixed day, no matter whether he has a job or not. Moreover, he has to manage monthly debt installments, daily expenses, credit card bills, utility bills and more. We bring emergency quick cash hope for such people.

Our online team of the best lending professionals takes maximum 4 minutes in approving your online requests and transfers the required money in the next few hours only. In the nutshell, you can maintain the quick cash flow by availing our emergency cash loan for tenant and unemployed people.

Short Term Loan for Jobless People

There are circumstances when your salary goes on hold for a few months, and you look for a short-term funding solution. Moreover, there are jobless people who live on rent, and facing severe financial problems, but people are reluctant to co-sign their funding applications. We understand their silent plights and offer trouble-free short term unemployed loan. You can avail these funds irrespective of your professional, social, and financial backgrounds.

Unemployed Loan with Bad Credit History

Bad credit people who have lost their jobs feel nervous to apply for the unsecured personal loans. They think that the interest rates are very high. However, not all lenders follow same lending policies. We always strive for offering affordable unemployed loans with bad credit history. Our APRs are quite low as compare to the other direct lending companies and you have a chance to grab the cheapest deal. Moreover, we believe in offering instant funding options, therefore, no credit check is our important policy.

Risk-Free Quick Cash

When jobless people apply for a personal cash loan, the first question that comes to their mind is whether they need to submit a security to borrow the funds. Well, at FirstChoiceFinance, you don't have to submit any collateral. We don't believe in snatching hard-earned valuable assets of our customers. We want you to lead a stable financial life and hence we offer risk-free unemployed loans without guarantor.

We always adhere to the ZERO documentation policy, therefore, we never ask you to submit any hard or soft copies. You just need to fill the required amount and your basic details. That's it. The rest of the process will be quickly taken care by our online team.

Realistic and Flexible Repayment Plans

We perfectly understand that tenants with no job can't pay back in the lump sums. Every borrower has a different repayment power. So, we offer highly customised repayment options on the personal basis. You can pay off the unemployed loan in the UK once you get the job or can start repaying in installments. We offer a broad range of funds to so that you gain financial stability by clearing all pending dues. You can borrow from £500 to £50,000 for 6 months to 5 years.