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Unsecured Loans - One Solution for All Problems

Bad credit issues can turn your financial stability upside down and put you in the biggest ever trouble of your life. We are the leading direct lender in the UK, provides the instant decision deals on the unsecured loans for unemployed, tenant and poor credit people. The prospective borrowers have a chance to access funds on the same day of the submitted online application. Our financial experts understand the urgent needs of the applicants and hence take the loan products that are speedy in procedures. We deal with every prospective customer in a personalised manner and offer the best funding options.

Unsecured Loan with Bad Credit History

First Choice Finance is rational in approach and more than credit score we give importance to repayment capacity. Whether you need instant deals or exclusive offers on unsecured loan, you just have to raise your requirement. Our team of best lending consultants would come back with the suitable quotes. We are giving this facility for financial needs of all the applicants with a long history of bad credit issues.

Applying for the unsecured loans with bad credit and no guarantor in the UK is fast and easy with us. You would take maximum 2 minutes to fill the online form. It is a three-step process and includes:

  • Open the online form
  • Fill the required amount and your personal details
  • Click/Tap on the submit button

Unsecured Personal Loan with No Guarantor

It is the time to avail the unsecured personal loans with no guarantor at the most affordable APR. The prospective borrowers do not need to show up the latest credit report, or guarantor, or submit the collateral. We have a very simple and straightforward lending procedure to make the guaranteed unsecured loan in the UK sensible and feasible. The deals are customised and the instalments are small, by repaying on time you can improve credit score. This means, you do not need to live with the bad credit situation anymore. You can make the loan deals work for the good health of your own financial future.

Lower total cost with lower APR

First Choice Finance is always concerned about the concerns of its borrowers and keeps the total cost low. For that, we know the Annual Percentage Rate is the actual stimulator and thus we work on that aspect only. The APR we offer is 47.5% lower than what is available in the market. This keeps the overall cost of the loan deal low, which inspires smaller instalments. This is for sure is an absolute precondition for the easy repayments and with us you will get this FOR SURE. The absence of collateral is another relief that comes with unsecured loans.

Major features of unsecured loans –

  • No upfront fee
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Instant approval decision
  • Same day fund disbursal

Our aim is to provide financial assistance for your needs with least or no burden. We understand the concern of the borrowers on the ‘Final Amount’ they have to return to the lender. With us, that ‘final amount’ never goes out of your limit to afford a loan obligation.

Served with customisation

From rate quote to repayments, everything is served according to your financial circumstances. Nothing goes beyond your repay capacity. We never force generalised rules and policies on our applicants. One person can never be similar to the other in financial life. This is why, same rate of interest and instlament size cannot match to all. The complete loan offer is tailored and reflects your creditworthiness.

Get your repayment schedule changed during the tenure

If you ever feel like you are losing your pace in the repayments due to your financila issues then come to us. First Choice Finance keeps everything easy and smooth. In case of any problem in paying the instalments, you can call us. We will contact you to talk on the new schedule and you can let us know your priorities. If the concern is the date of repayment, we can work on it. If the concern is the size of the instalment, we can work on that too. The only concern is to help the borrower pay back the money with no stress. By the way, you can also prepay the loan without any additional cost.

Rollover – the big solution of the big problem

This is for those who fail to pay the loan in the decided tenure due to any reason. If you are among them we have a solution for you. Through rollover, you can get your second chance to pay the loan. It is the tool to renew your loan and then you can pay the rest of the amount.

The only condition in this concern is that we provide rollover only to those who have paid at least 25% of their loan. This makes things easier for you and for us too.

The major benefits of rollover are –

  • You get another chance to pay the loan
  • You can prevent the tag of defaulty
  • You can prevent the sharp degrade in the credit score
24x7, 365 days, application process friendly to all devices

Yes, we have all these things to offer. First 24x7, apply at any day and time. No Sundays off, no procedure delays due to weekend. The 365 days policy is also in practice and irrespective of month and day, you can call. No bank holiday can make us go on off. The financial needs come irrespective of day, whether it is a national holiday or a bank holiday. But we are there any day you choose. We have experienced that mostly people face the problem when they want money if there is a holiday. Being a direct lender our concern is to be there for you beyond the boundaries of time and day.

Last but not the least, whatever device you choose to apply for the loan, the process remains smooth. Our user-friendly website adds assured ease to your borrowing experience.

First Choice Finance is resolute to give uncompromised financial assistance to our applicants. Our aim is to keep you backed with necessary money no matter what time of the day you choose to approach us.